Salvador Rangel

Department of Sociology


Citizenship, migration, nationalism, globalization, theory, marxism, political economy, class, class consciousness, ideology, law and legality, and race


Salvador Rangel is a doctoral candidate in the Sociology department. His previous hands-on experience as an undocumented migrant worker animates and informs his current research. His dissertation, “La Jungla: Globalization, Transnational Migrant Labor, and the Meatpacking Industry,” combines ethnographic methodology with macro-level analysis of the changing conditions under global capitalism. His research interests include global political economy, globalization, race, immigration, citizenship and the creation of migrant illegality. Salvador is a fellow of the American Sociological Society’s Minority Fellowship Program, as well as of the Center for Engaged Scholarship. Outside the academy, Salvador strives to engage in public sociology by publishing analytical and opinion pieces in mass media outlets, such as Truthout and Counterpunch, that aim to make his research accessible to a broader public.

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